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My name is Sharliah Walton. I was born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana. I wanted to start this business incorporating both my Mom, Janet Lynn and favorite cousin, Kylah who are deceased. Both of them have impact me with building confidence, beauty, and self-care. Ky-Lynn Collection will present raw and authentic hair for all beauties whether you are a natural or weave girl. I specialize in wigs, bundles, clip-ins, ponytails, etc. Thank you all for supporting this journey along the way.  



Let me know what you think!

What Makes Ky’Lynn Collection Special

Ky’Lynn Collection shares the following features:

·       100% virgin human hair

·       Minimal shedding

·       Machine weft for secure installs

·       Bleach/Dye friendly

·       True to fullness by making the hair just for you

·       2 Different quality hair choices (Pretty and Raw)


Difference between Raw and Pretty Hair


·       Hair Source: China Yunnan Province

·       Material: 1 person’s hair

·       Dye and Bleach Accessible

·       Color: It can dye for any lighter color you want

·       Pros: Stronger Reusable

·       Not easy to sheds

·       Lasting time: 3-5 years



·       Hair Source: Mainly from India, Vietnam, and Cambodia

·       Material: 1-2 people’s hair

·       Dye and Bleach Accessible

·       Color: It can dye up to #30 color

·       Soft and silky

·       Affordable pricing with good quality

·       Lasting time:1-2 years

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